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Telescopic Gymstick ™

Telescopic Gymstick ™


The Telescopic Gymstick™ consists of a three-piece telescopic fibreglass stick with a simple quick lock-mechanism that extends from 28 in. (72 cm) to a maximum of 45 in. (114 cm), a pair of latex rubber resistance tubes with durable fabric loops at both ends, and a rubber stopper at both ends of the stick for attaching the exercise bands. The Gymstick™ Telescopic comes with a stylish nylon cover/carry bag as well as a Gymstick™ instruction and workout poster (which includes 18 basic movements). Resistance levels are the same as with the Gymstick™ Original. Never travel without your Telescopic Gymstick™!

  • Light/Green. For group training, rehabilitation and exercise of the elderly. The resistance ranges from 2 to 22 lbs. (1 to 10 kg).

  • Medium/Blue. For group training, junior athletes and women. The resistance ranges from 2 to 33 lbs. (1 to 15 kg).

  • Strong/Black. For group training, fit women and men who want to start exercising. The resistance ranges from 2 to 44 lbs. (1 to 20 kg).

  • Extra Strong/Silver. For extreme fit men, women and athletes. The resistance ranges from 2 to 55 lbs. (1 to 25 kg).

  • Super Strong/Gold. For athletes. The resistance ranges from 2 to 66 lbs. (1 to 30 kg).


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