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Model #

Model Name



Torso Length

Belly Girth


Wunzi   XXSmall

0 – 3 mo.

7 - 12 lbs.

40 cm

40 cm


Wunzi   XSmall

3 – 6 mo.

12 -17 lbs.

50 cm

44 cm


Wunzi   Small

6 – 12 mo.

17 -18 lbs.

55 cm

46 cm


Limb   Kit, Small

0 -12 mo.

Up to 18 lbs.




Wunzi   Medium

12 – 18 mo.

18 -21 lbs.

60 cm

50 cm


Wunzi   Large

18 – 24 mo.

21 -26 lbs.

68 cm

54 cm


Limb   Kit, Large

12 – 24 mo.

Up   to 26 lbs.




NEW! Theratogs Wunzi

Theratogs Wunzi Insert

 Theratogs Wunzi Sizing

Theratog Logo

A customized body hug that improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical infant growth months. The elegant over-the-diaper design goes on in seconds. Closure tabs are embedded right into the cozy foam underside – no loose tabs to keep track of!

Familiar Design = Improved Compliance

  • Inspired by the standard infant “onesie” clothing, the Wunzi offers caregivers and clinicians a simpler alternative to the twogarment TheraTogs system.

Three Systems in One

  • The base Wunzi™ System replaces the Infant Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System. It contains the core-strengthening Wunzi garment set plus a single TogRite™ Cross Strap to create most posture & torso alignment strapping applications.
  • Add the Wunzi Limb Kit to address any of the indications previously supported by TheraTogs’ Upper or Lower Extremity strapping applications.

With the TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi you can:

  • Increase sensory awareness and information
  • Train functioning trunk muscles in shorter state to improve postural alignment and control
  • Limit excessive trunk motions
  • Improve functioning alignment of hips and/or shoulders
  • Gently stabilize one or both scapulae
  • Improve respiration by reducing flexible kyphosis.


Garments may not be returned due to hygenic reasons!

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-27-GWZ25 Ultra Wunzi System XX Small EA log in
RM-27-GWZ50 Ultra Wunzi System X Small EA log in
RM-27-GWZ75 Ultra Wunzi System Small EA log in
RM-27-GWZ100 Ultra Wunzi System Medium EA log in
RM-27-GWZ125 Ultra Wunzi System Large EA log in
RM-27-GWZLKS Ultra Wunzi Kit Small - Up to 18 Lbs KT log in
RM-27-GWZLKL Ultra Wunzi Kit Large - Up to 26 Lbs KT log in