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Web-slide™ Wall Rail

Web-slide™ Wall Rail


  • The Web-Slide™ exercise rail is easy to install, use and maintain

  • Each 28” section has 5 slots to accommodate anchor straps

  • Depending on which slot elevation you choose you can perform upper and lower band or tubing exercises

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Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-09-105090 Web-slide™ Wall Rail - Web-slide™ Section, 28" EA log in
RM-09-105109 Web-slide™ Wall Rail - Full Web Slide, 84" EA log in
RM-09-105320 Web-slide™ Wall Rail - Anchor Strap, 1 Each EA log in
RM-09-105321 Web-slide™ Wall Rail - Anchor Strap, 10 Each EA log in