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Foam-filled bolsters are designed to provide that extra level of comfort and support.

  • Place under knees or ankles

  • Covered in blue vinyl upholstery

  • This is a TSSA Product

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Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-13-3X18 Bolsters - Half Bolster, 18” L x 3” H EA log in
RM-13-3X26 Bolsters - Half Bolster, 26” L x 3” H EA log in
RM-13-9X26X1/2 Bolsters - Half Jumbo Bolster, 26” L x 4.5” H x 9” Diameter EA log in
RM-13-4X26 Bolsters - Trigger Bolster, 26” L x 4” H EA log in
RM-13-6X26 Bolsters - Knee Bolster Size, 26” L x 6” H EA log in
RM-13-9X26 Bolsters - Full Jumbo Knee Bolster, 26” L x 9” H EA log in
RM-13-3X14 Bolsters - Neck Bolster, 14” L x 3” H EA log in