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Lojer 241E Manuthera Mobilization Table

Lojer 241E Manuthera Mobilization Table

Lojer 241E Manipulation and Mobilization Table


Lojer 241E Manuthera has been designed for professionals to give mobilization, manipulation, massage and motion treatment. The table folds to the treatment positions necessary for therapeutic and anatomical reasons.

Fully new designed patented construction with:

  • 3-Dimensional head section with extension, flexion, lateral flexion, horizontal hi-low and traction. Added to that there is also a unique frictionless lateral flexion. These functions enable you to have passive tests for the patient’s cervical spine. Patient can also bend his head laterally for instance in neutral tests; this enables the therapist to support the patients shoulder and arm.

  • Traction combined with the desired motion allows you to consider totally new kinds of mobilization, manipulation and traction treatments.

  • With the help of horizontal hi-low you can reach optimal position for various types of cervical spine

  • With the 3-Dimensional motion of the mid-body you can achieve frictionless lateral flexion with no movement in the gas springs!  This allows extended treatment sessions with less force needed and at the same the lifespan of the hydraulic construction increases.

Common technical data for Lojer 241 Manuthera Mobilization Table:

  • Electric height adjustment with round-switch bar, adjustment between 57 - 91  cm

  • Powerful motor with optional battery

  • Central locking castors, hydraulically facilitated system with good quality twin-casters.

  • Total weight 110 kgs

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