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Thera-Band® First Step to Foot Relief

Thera-Band® First Step to Foot Relief

Thera-Band First Step to Foot Relief contains: Thera-Band Foot Roller that provides massage and cold therapy (when chilled), Thera-Band Professional Resistance Band (red) for stretching and strengthening exercises and a Biofreeze® Roll-On provides temporary relief of foot pain.

First Step to Foot Pain Relief is not available in Canada due to Health Canada regulations importing USA brand Biofreeze in to Canada.

We suggest that you buy 3 of the following Theraband products for Foot pain and visit Thera-Band Academy for instructions on how to use the products to relieve the pain in your feet. Follow the instructions of your doctor or Therapist.

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Item # Description Unit Qty Price
TH-26150 Thera-Band® Foot Roller EA log in
BF-BIO3OZ Biofreeze® - 3 oz Roll On EA log in
TH-20404 Thera-Band® Refill Light Bands 3 Bands : Yellow, Red , Green 5 Foot Bands PK log in