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Kinesio® Fancuts

Kinesio® Fancuts


“Fan” taping is used for lymphatic draining and to treat swelling (edema) and bruising: any condition that calls for increased circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. Now the popular sizes of fan tape are available in pre-cut form which eliminate the need to cut the tape to form the "Tails" required for fan taping.

  • Fancuts are available in 5 cm wide and comes pre-cut into five separate tape tails. This size comes in all four easily-recognizeable Kinesio® Tex tape colors of beige, black, blue and red.

  • Fancuts come cut to a 30 cm (12”) length that may be cut down for specific patient taping.

  • Kinesio Tape® fan cuts will provide assistance to patients and to busy practitioners offering premium patient care.

  • Each Fancut has 5 legs and measure 5cm X 30cm in boxes of 50.

  • The narrower 2" strips are pre-cut into five separate tails, and are available in all four standard Kinesio® colors - beige, black, blue and pink.

  • The wider 3" strips are precut cut into eight individual tails, and are available only in beige

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Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-40-F15024 Kinesio® Fan Cut - 5 legs, 2" x 12", Beige, 50/pk BX/50 log in
RM-40-F15034 Kinesio® Fan Cut - 8 legs, 3" x 12", Beige, 50/pk PK/50 log in
RM-40-F25024 Kinesio® Fan Cut - 5 legs, 2" x 12", Blue, 50/pk BX/50 log in
RM-40-F35024 Kinesio® Fan Cut - 5 legs, 2" x 12", Red, 50/pk BX/50 log in