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Manorapid Synergy

Manorapid Synergy

Manorapid Synergy is a patented alcohol based hand antiseptic solution with four active ingredients that work synergistically to be effective in rapidly destroying a wide range of hand-transmitted bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Synergy is the first product to the Canadian market that has claims for Virus efficacy.

From SARS to Norwalk Virus - Hepatitis A to H1N1, Synergy destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi  in 30 seconds or less.
If your loved ones have a compromised health problem,  protect them with a product that kills almost all  harmful germs not just a few. 

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Item # Description Unit Qty Price
AS-SYNPRO-1000P Synergy PRO 1L with Pump EA log in
AS-SYNPRO-1000P-CS Synergy PRO 1L with Pump - Case of 10 x 1L CS log in
AS-SYNPRO-1000UX Synergy PRO 1L UX10 - Spray Pump Used Only With UX 10 Dispenser EA log in
AS-SYNPRO-1000UX-CS Synergy PRO 1L UX10 - Case of 10 x 1L Use with UX 10 Dispenser CS log in
AS-SYN-120F Synergy 120ml with Flip Cap EA log in
AS-SYN-120F-CS Synergy 120 ml with Flip Cap - Case of 24 CS log in