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Storz Peri-Actor Transmitter for Fascia

Storz Peri-Actor Transmitter for Fascia



PERI-ACTOR KNUCLE - Treatment of all medium and big fascia (Back and Plantar Fascia, Trigger bands and fascia in the shoudler and neck area)

PERI-ACTOR SCOOP - Treatment on or below the edges of bone (frontal Pelvis, tibial crest, elbow)

PERI-ACTOR SPHERE - Punctual treatment of the fascia (Plantar fascia, back of hand, arch of foot, trigger points and cervical muscles)

PERI-ACTOR SCRAPER - Treatment of all Fascia of the locomotor system (Crural fascia, trigger bands, fascia lata, fascia thoracolumbalis)


Sold only as a SET.  

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SM-25695 PERI-ACTOR Transmitter (Set of 4 transmitters) ST log in