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Storz Spine-Actor for Paravertebral Muscle

Storz Spine-Actor for Paravertebral Muscle


NEW from STORZ MEDICAL - Spine-Actor for Paravertebral Muscle

Treatment of the vertebral joints of the entire spinal column in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas e.g. treatment of the paravertebral muscles, dysfunctions in the entire spinal column, muscular imbalances and pain conditions as well as trigger points


SPINE-ACTOR 1 - Span width: 20 mm

SPINE-ACTOR 2 - Span width 27.5 mm

SPINE-ACTOR 3 - Span width 35 mm


Use with maximum pressure up to 3 bars.  Compatible with all Storz Radial Shockwave Devcies



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SM-25688 SPINE-ACTOR Transmitter Set. (3 Transmitters) ST log in