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Phyaction UbMF - Ultrasound Dual Frequency

Phyaction UbMF - Ultrasound Dual Frequency


Uniphy Phyaction Ub MF, ultrasound therapy.

The Phyaction Ub comes with a revolutionary patented ultrasound head, developed from high-frequency technology that ensures constant maximum ultrasound output (almost all the electrical energy is converted into mechanical waves) thanks to the automatic adjustment and perfect contact control. This means that therapy will be more effective and efficient.

This portable unit has all the basic functions and is very user-friendly. A large LCD screen gives a clear display of what you are doing during the treatment. Frequencies in both 1and 3 MHz are available in 1 cm and 4 cm Sound heads. The 1cm sound head is an option.  

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
GY336600 Phyaction UbMF - Ultrasound Dual Frequency EA log in
GY336578 Ultrasound UBMF Head - Small 1-3 MHz 1cm2 head. EA log in