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Replacement Soft Pads for Viberect

Replacement Soft Pads for Viberect

Viberect® and Viberect® X3 Replacement SoftPads

Easily replace the Viberect soft pads when needed.

Includes 2 replacement soft pads.

Each Viberect and Viberect X3 Medical Penile Vibratory Device includes two free soft pads that last for months of use. When the soft pads show signs of wear and tear, simply replace them with this new set of soft pads. The soft pads are easy to remove and replace.


Please note: Soft pads are for individual use only. They must be properly cleaned in home and clinic setting as described in the User manual. Please discard the pads as soon as they develop any signs of wear and tear.

Viberect Soft Pads are composed of the highest quality FDA approved medical polyurethane.

Extensively tested for safety, biocompatibility, cytotoxicity, and irritability in animals and humans.

Latex free.

Viberect is compliant with medical device industry standards for electronic and plastic safety including ISO 10993-2, ISO 17025, ISO 13485-2003, CMDCAS, and EN 60601-3.


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RM-67-1680024BK Extra Viberect Softpads - (Bag of 2 Pairs) - Minimum order of 2 pairs. Shipping included EA log in