BioFreeze Gel - Professional Formula

Biofreeze is a natural menthol topical treatment to provide temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, backache, muscles or joint pain, or painful bruises. It comes in a variety of application styles and sizes including spray bottles, roll-on, and gel tubes. Physiotherapist, chiropractors and rehab specialist put their trust in Remington Medical to provide the best pricing and availability on in-demand rehabilitation products likes Bio-Freeze.

Remington Medical exclusively sells the Biofreeze Professional formula, which boasts a higher concentration of Menthol compared to the Biofreeze green bottle formula available in retail stores. As a trusted supplier, we play a crucial role in ensuring therapist and patients the availability of Biofreeze products.

Biofreeze, with its menthol-based formulation, can activate cold receptors in the skin, which then compete with pain signals for transmission to the brain. This competition helps close the pain gate and reduce the overall perception of pain, providing temporary relief and promoting a more comfortable sensation in the affected area.

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