Rolyan Thermoplastics

The Rolyan Brand Promise

From the Heartland of America, Rolyan provides therapists a canvas to master the art of splinting. By offering the largest breadth of proprietary formulations and products globally, Rolyan inspires therapists to mold and shape their patients’ recoveries.

Rolyan Splint Chart40 years ago Remington Medical was the first to launch Rolyan thermoplastics in Canada, and the first to bring thermoplastic splinting materials to Canadian professionals!  Remington Medical proudly caries the most popular Rolyan thermoplastics lines, including Polyflex II, Polyform, TailorSplint, Aquaplast T, and Ezeform providing therapists a large variety of choice.

Rolyan has established a spectrum of splinting materials in partnership with hand therapists and occupational therapists.Therapists have different splint making requirements, and the availability of a broad range of materials across a spectrum of handling and physical characteristics is essential.

Whether you are a new hand therapist or the most experienced we would love have a conversation and see how Remington Medical can help you and your practice! Contact Us Today! 

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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