3pp® Final Flexion Wrap™


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Final Flexion Wrap™ - Pack Of 5
Final Flexion Wrap™ - Pack Of 25

3pp® Final Flexion Wraps™ are soft, non-slip wraps that are easy to apply and adjust to make regaining full finger flexion comfortable and quick.


Easy one handed application and easy-to-adjust tension helps restore motion quicker and more comfortably.
As part of a hand rehabilitation program, the Final Flexion Wrap is ideal for regaining full finger flexion (ability to bend the finger) .
The Final Flexion Wrap allows the wearer to adjust force to tolerance for fast, successful treatment.
Foam lining distributes pressure and holds the wrap in place for improved control.
Washable. Latex free.
Moderate Control
Sizing and Order Information:

Instructions: One size fits most. To assure that splints are properly prescribed and fit, you should see your health care provider before ordering so they may assist you in choosing the correct size and splint style for your condition.