Achieva™ Sock-Assist™


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Achieva™ Sock-eez®

Sock-eez® is a new innovative product that eases the pain and frustration for those who experience difficulty removing compression hosiery.
Beneficial for those who have difficulty bending or who have chronic back problems or for individuals who are recovering from surgery or injury.
Handy wrist lanyard prevents accidental dropping, and allows for easy storage.
Durable polycarbonate plastic design.
Overall length is 21 in.(53.3cm).
Easy to clean.
Includes an instructional DVD.
Ergonomically designed to remove hose with one easy, strain free motion.
Developed for people who have difficulty removing compression stockings, TED hose, socks and hosiery. Ideal for conditions such as lymphedema, arthritis, deep vein thrombosis and edema.
Helpful dressing aid for those who have difficulty bending or limited hand strength.