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Atlas Soft Tip Transmitter

Today, innovations in pressure and shock wave technology are increasingly found in the field of radial transmitters. In order to further optimize the treatment of individual indications, for years now STORZ MEDICAL has been developing specially shaped transmitters.

The new ATLAS transmitter was developed in close cooperation with the experienced shock wave expert Dr. Carlo Di Maio (Rheinberg, Germany). In his orthopaedic group practice, Di Maio comes into daily contact with patients suffering from cervical spine pain.
»The main causes of neck pain are predominantly poor posture and overloading of the back, nape and shoulder muscles«, says Di Maio. »Stress also has an influence on the fascia and the associated muscles. This causes the structures to stiffen, especially in the neck-nape region. Adhesion of the fascia can trigger or intensify vegetative symptoms such as dizziness and tinnitus. Long-term fascial disorders can cause chronic pain and weaken the immune system«.

Based on these facts, the ATLAS transmitter was developed to precisely treat these structures and pain regions. Thanks to the Special shape of the transmitter and the possibility of using the FALCON® handpiece for low-intensity treatment, the sticking areas should be dissolved and pain prevented or even eliminated. The biocompatible silicone plunger enables the muscles and connective tissue around the ATLAS to be stimulated gently and precisely.

Dr. Carlo Di Maio is looking forward to introducing you to the new ATLAS transmitter. Meet him at the STORZ MEDICAL booth during VSOU in Baden-Baden, Germany, or ESWT Workshop on May 2nd starting at 1 pm.

Dr. Carlo Di Maio co-developed the ATLAS transmitter

Left: Dr. Carlo Di Maio co-developed the ATLAS transmitter

For Storz Models:
Duolith SD-1 Radial, MP-100, MP-200, D-Actor 100
Highly sensitive regions, For Example: in CMD (Craniomandibular dysfunction) and trigger points in the cervical spine muscles.
Treatment Example:
Trigger points / shockwave acupuncture – cervical spine muscles (atlas)
Stimulation of the peri-atlantic muscles and connective tissue
Recommended Treatment Parameters:
Pulses per session: 400 – 600
Pressure: 0.3 – 0.8 bareff
Frequency: 8 Hz
Ø: 15 mm


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