Bath and Scrub Sponges


Options Quantity
Countoured Long Sponge
Round Long Sponge
Round Sponge With Loofah Scrub Sponge

Made of soft, non-irritating polyfoam with plastic handles that can be shaped with a heat gun.
The Scrub Sponge has a loofah-style surface on one side, and is only available in the round style.
The scrub sponge measures 22 in. (56cm) in length, with a 5 in. (13cm) diameter sponge.
Bath Sponges are available with Round or Contoured styles.
The round sponge measures 5 in. (13cm) in diameter, and the contoured sponge measures 5 in. (13cm) long.
Bath Sponges are available in Long 22 in. (56cm) or Short 14 in. (36cm) lengths.