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BOSU Pro Balance Trainer


The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer gives the whole body a challenge by requiring muscle groups to work together. It is ideal for commercial use, great for personal trainers, physical therapists, and fitness instructors. Currently used in fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation facilities. It is known industry-wide for balance, strength and flexibility training, as well as delivering a killer cardio workout that is fun. The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movements requiring muscle groups to simultaneously work together. Use either the flat side or the dome side to make exercise fun, challenging and effective. The BOSU Pro is designed with a patented non-slip, dually over-molded base meant to withstand continual daily gym usage. It measures 26″ and has a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs. Included is a dual action hand pump and QR codes for a downloadable integrated balance training manual, wall chart and 6 free DVD downloads. Latex-free and made in the USA

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