Capre FX3 & FX5 Treatment Table

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Capre 3Sect Table 2Motors - Castors Place Free Height Adj.
Capre 5Section 65CM Wide Table W/ Casters And Place Free Black
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The Lojer Capre FX is an outstanding treatment table, whose design and features meet or exceed the needs of even the most demanding users. Its anatomically shaped two-colour upholstery supports the patient, and the elegant design also makes the Lojer Capre FX a fine interior decoration element.

The silent Lojer Capre FX takes up very little space, thanks to its two pillars by means of which it can be lifted straight up. The table can also be used in the chair position, thanks to the design of the lower frame, while versatile adjustments, such as side-foldable armrests, make work easier. The stepless adjustable extension and flexion angle of the foot section and multiple height settings help patients get on and off the table.

All Lojer Capre treatment tables have a wide range of upholstery colors and several high-quality upholstery materials to choose from. It is easy to keep the table clean, thanks to its straight surfaces and encased motor.


Three or five sections, arm rests that can turned to side supports
• Safe Working Load (SWL) 250 kg
• Electric height adjustment:  48 – 88 cm
• Foot section extension and flexion +70°/-12°
• Castors and Electrical table top height adjustment with 360° foot bar
• Width 55, 65, or 75 cm
• Possibility to use infrared hi-low control
• Design packages: 5 design alternatives in addition to the basic model
• A number of accessories
• Warranty: Steel frame is covered for 10 years and the motor system for 2 years
• Two-coloured upholstery: Multiple upholstery colors and several high-quality upholstery materials available


xTable width : 55,65,75 cm
Overall length : 202 cm
Height adjustment range :  48..88 cm
Foot section adjustment :  +70°..-12°
Total weight : Safe Working Load (SWL) 250 kg
CE-marked : Yes
Warranty : 2/10 years
Country of Manufacture : Finland