Chattanooga E-2 Stationary Hydrocollator


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E-2 Hydrocollator-6 Pk

Hydrocollator Heating Units

This stainless steel hydrocollator unit is designed for warming up hot packs and keeping them warm. It maintains a consistent temperature 160° to 165°F (71°–74°C). This unit makes a great addition to any athletic facility or physical therapy center. It will shut off if the water level becomes too low.

Heat Packs

Each hydrocollator unit comes with a set of HotPacs. Heat packs are great for applying heat therapy on sore muscles and joints. This treatment is great for athletes and physical therapy patients.

Stationary and Mobile

Hydrocollator Heating Units come mounted on wheels or on stationary bases. The wheeled style is great for moving throughout a facility and the stationary styles are more compact for easier storage. Both styles come with step-by-step instructions for installation.


What’s Included

1 X Hydrocollator E-2 Heating Unit
6 X Hot Packs