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Multijoint Isokinetic Module for Assessing and Enhancing the Functionality of Major Joints


The CON-TREX® MJ isokinetic multijoint module, paired with the PM control module and a variety of necessary adapters for specific tasks, is a versatile and rotatory system designed for testing, training, and therapeutic applications on major joints in both the upper and lower limbs within the open kinetic chain. Its exceptional flexibility, coupled with precise operator guidance, ensures objective and reproducible test results across all operational modes.

The mechanical design of the CON-TREX® MJ is remarkably user-friendly, offering electronic adjustments at the touch of a button for seat position, seat length, and backrest inclination. The upholstered seat and backrest provide maximum comfort even during extended training sessions and are easily cleaned.

Whether seated or standing, in prone or supine positions, the CON-TREX® MJ provides unparalleled flexibility. It allows for the analysis of both static and dynamic joint strength and facilitates targeted functional muscle strength training and coordination improvement. Monitoring and corrections during training or therapy are possible with this system.

The CON-TREX® MJ’s adaptable system enables precise adjustments near the joints while maintaining maximum stability. The wide range of accessories allows for isolated joint tests and free movements, catering to various anatomical situations and testing requirements.

Therapy Information

CON-TREX® serves multiple purposes, finding application in early diagnostic and preventive therapy for musculoskeletal injuries, both in outpatient rehabilitation and clinical settings. It is also a valuable tool in scientific research and performance optimization, enabling meticulous and targeted problem analysis and thereby facilitating the highly effective training of elite athletes.

The precision of CON-TREX® machines makes them particularly well-suited for measurement and analysis, especially in scientific contexts. In training and therapy, their primary objectives include enhancing muscle capabilities in terms of strength and endurance, as well as refining sensorimotor skills. Thanks to its versatile measurement capabilities and user-friendly exercise software, CON-TREX® is exceptionally well-suited for a range of applications, including:

General Features:

  • Sampling rate of 4000 Hz for highest precision
  • Play-free drive train
  • EMG synchronisation
  • Three-level safety concept
  • Individually customizable reports

Ballistic mode

    • Utilizing an innovative ballistic control strategy, it becomes possible to attain greater accelerations and, consequently, faster movements through advanced movement prediction. This approach significantly diminishes the impact of moments of inertia. In ballistic mode, it is feasible to execute isokinetic movements at higher speeds or maintain a defined speed for extended durations. This mode optimizes both training and testing procedures, fostering functional and realistic movements and loads.

Active compensation of gravity

  • Patients with limited strength often struggle to move specific body segments independently, necessitating active compensation for static weight influences throughout the entire range of motion. As the patient performs the movement, the dynamometer can continuously diminish external forces or even entirely offset them. This creates a “gravity-free” scenario for the patient, enabling them to execute movements with minimal physical effort.

High Precision

  • The exceptionally high sampling rate of 4000 Hz guarantees extremely precise control of the dynamometer, minimizing unwanted jitter (temporal frequency deviation in the control system) to a level well below the threshold of human perception. With the play-free drive train, there is no discernible slack during movement reversal, especially crucial for highly dynamic actions like throwing. This characteristic also enables the practice of distinctive movement sequences, including combinations of continuous-passive movement (CPM) with concentric or eccentric loading.

EMG ( electromygraphy) 

  • The constant offset of 12 milliseconds at full sampling rate (4000 Hz) allows precise, easy and reliable synchronisation of the signals.


  • Individually customisable reports with a variety of presentation options and diagrams, and function for export as a PDF document. The export of the measurement data as an ASCII file allows further processing in other programs.




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Leaflet CON-TREX

Rahm S., Spross C., Gerber F., Farshad M., Buck F.M., Espinosa N. (2013): Operative treatment of chronic irreparable Achilles tendon ruptures with large flexor hallucis longus tendon transfers. Foot Ankle Int 34(8), 1100-10. doi:10.1177/1071100713487725. Epub 2013 Apr 26.


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