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Pelvitone Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Pelvitone Pelvic Floor Stimulator


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The NeuroTrac PelviTone

A complete muscle stimulator designed specifically to treat or strengthen the pelvic floor. Used and recommended by physiotherapists and other health care providers worldwide as a tool to treat various incontinence related issues (Stress or Urge) or any other issues relating to pelvic floor weakness.

The PelviTone can also be used with an Anal Probe.


  • 2 Channel stimulator Designed in the UK specifically for incontinence treatment

  • Handy carrying case with leadwires and batteries.  (Check out our various Probes)

  • Advanced multi-phase programs where treatment is split into time phases with different stimulation parameters;

  • Stronger symmetrical stimulation

  • Symmetrical Rectangular bi-phasic Waveform

  • Frequency 2 Hz – 100 Hz

  • Reduced Pulse Width: 50 – 330 µS.

  • Three Custom programmes plus 11 Preset Continence programs.

  • Lock mode function to measure mA and time used for  home compliance

  • Unit dimensions 134 x 69 x 29.7 mm

  • Belt Clip


*Probe sold seperately*




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