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DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra Shockwave

DUOLITH® SD1 Ultra Shockwave


Duolith SD1


First class modular shock wave therapy with integrated ultrasound diagnosis.  

The pioneering modularity of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« ideally combines treatments, diagnosis, information and navigation. We call it  »Connected Technologies«

With the new DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« innovative ideas merge with the most advanced technologies and progressive design without losing the sight of traditions.

Overal view in your field of vision 
STORZ MEDICAL »Top View« display with all relevant information available by touch screen

Treatment control in your hand 
Radial shock wave with innovative handpiece display and »Skin Touch« ON/OFF sensor

Quality which pays off 

Focused shock wave with constant and reliable high energy dynamic, ergonomically optimized focal zone with deep penetration


Diagnostics You Desire 

Integrated ultrasound imaging, b/w or color Doppler



Level 1: R-SW Module with unique handpiece operation

  • Progressive design
  • Innovative display on top of the handpiece
  • Integrated pressure and frequency selection
  • »Skin Touch« ON/OFF sensor
  • Visual control of application pressure
  • »Noise Absorption« (optional)
  • Vibration Therapy V-ACTOR®: 1 – 35 Hz (optional)

Level 2: R-SW + Control Module (+ US) with integrated ultrasound imaging

  • »Top View« display with touch screen
  • Central unit for controlling and monitoring of all modules
  • Easy to use, all treatment parameters in thefield of view
  • Integrated patient management
  • Intuitive selectable treatment guides (orthopaedics, dermatology, urology)
  • Ultrasound diagnostic b/w or color Doppler (optional)

Level 3: R-SW + Control + F-SW Module (+ US) with reliable electromagnetic cylinder source

  • For treatments in near-surface and deep sited areas of the body
  • Ergonomically optimized focal zone
  • Constant high energy dynamics
  • Easy to use
  • »Noise Absorption« (optional)
  • Ultrasound diagnostic b/w or color Doppler (optional)


The new radial geometry

R-SW handpiece with unique operation

  • Ergonomic design, optimized for treatment without fatigue
  • Innovative display showing the pressure and frequency
  • Integrated pressure and frequency selection
  • »Skin Touch« ON/OFF sensor
  • Visual control of application pressure
  • R-SW »Noise Absorption« (optional)



Duolith SD1 Ultra Flipbook 

Patented Shockwave Transmitters by Storz

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SM-199001T STORZ SD1 Ultra Shockwave- Level 1R-SW (Radial) with Trolley EA log in