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Classic Thermophore®

Classic Thermophore®


Thermophore® Classic™ Deep-Heat™ Therapy Pack is designed with a special hand-held Easy-Comfort™ switch. Just press for moist heat, release to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature. 

• Provide on demand, professional quality deep, penetrating moist heat.

• Just press the switch and relax, as the soothing heat begins to relieve your aching muscles, with no need to add any water

• The optional Classic Plus™ with a protective liner that lets you safely add a damp cloth for even more moisture!

• Thermophore® is the brand most often used and recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals.

"Battle Creek item are not to be re sold into the United States"


Item # Description Unit Qty Price
BC-055 Thermophore® Classic™ - Large, Standard, 14" x 27" EA log in
BC-066 Thermophore® Classic™ - Medium, 14" x 14" EA log in
BC-077 Thermophore® Classic™ - Petite, 4" x 17" EA log in