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Good2Go™ Microwave Moist Heat Therapy products feature a plush, multi-ply cover, designed to focus heat toward the body and provide a snug, secure fit.  This “unplugged” version of moist heat therapy offers the maximum in portability and convenience. 

The patented non-allergenic crystal fill does not leak, smell or encourage the growth of fungus.

The porous surface traps up to 40% of it's weight in atmospheric moisture for reliable moist heat therapy.

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
BC-490 Good2Go™ - Large, 12"x16", Retail Box EA log in
BC-491 Good2Go™ - Medium, 9"x12", Retail Box EA log in
BC-492 Good2Go™ - Cervical, 5"x16", Retail Box EA log in
BC-493 Good2Go™ - Shoulder, 13"x14", Retail Box EA log in
BC-494 Good2Go™ - Mitt, 8"x13", Retail Box EA log in