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ValuTrode® Cloth Electrodes by Axelgaard

ValuTrode® Cloth Electrodes by Axelgaard


EconoStim® electrodes feature NEW EconoStick® hydrogel. The thinner version of Axelgaard’s world renowned patented MultiStick® hydrogel is the first of its kind. EconoStick’s advanced scrimless technology combines two hydrogel layers and results in a thinner hydrogel that’s “stickier” to the touch providing superior adhesion. These electrodes include our innovative anti-lift adhesive safety border that gently adheres to the skin to provide increased comfort and easy removal. The EconoStim® electrode with its distinctive black top is the latest addition to our economy electrode product line.

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-86-ESB50100 EconoStim Electrode 2 x 4 - 5cm x 10cm Square 10-4pk's PK/10 log in