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Hydrotherapy Accessories

Hydrotherapy Accessories


Arm Rest Support - This arm rest is used for supporting the arms or hands on either side of the whirlpool tank. It is fabricated entirely from Type 304 stainless steel and polished to a satin finish. 

Adjustable Suspension Seat - These seats are designed for use inside the tank for low back, hip and leg treatment. Two side brackets with four levels of adjustments. Combination table with Seats - These options provide comfortable, rim-height seats for lower extremity treatments and side bench seats for hand/arm treatments on either side of the tank. 
The bench Seat also serve as a step. The table and bench seat tops are constructed from high density board with a laminate cover. The frame and legs are solid oak with a urethane finish. 
Tank Top Seat - Designed for use with the whirlpool tank for treatment of lower extremities. The seat is 12” wide and extends around the front and sides of the tank.

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
WH-ARS Arm Rest Support EA log in
WH-AS Adjustable Suspension Seat EA log in
WH-CTS Combination Table with Seats EA log in
WH-TTS Tank Top Seat - 12" Wide EA log in