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 Physioson Expert by Physiomed

  • Separate or simultaneous (combined) treatment
  • Two frequencies (1/3 MHz) in both transducers (2,5cm2, 5cm2)
  • Continuous and pulsed mode (4 duty cycles)
  • TPS: Software for innovative dosage strategy. Treatment surface and all treatment parameters are considered in order to deliver a precisely defined amount of energy to the tissue in J/cm2
  • Optical and acoustical coupling control
  • Ergonomic transducers for highest possible safety (watertight)

physioson expert  

  • LCD Comfort Display for good visibility
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Extensive Indications-Index with treatment proposals
  • Individual Program Memories
  • Can be combined with stimulation current units PHYSIOMED-Expert and PHYSIOMED-IF-Expert for simultaneous (combined) therapy


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