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SPIO® X Panel for TLSO Vest

SPIO® X Panel for TLSO Vest

Remington Medical now distributes SPIO® Compression Garments in Canada!

SPIO® X is a lightweight and versatile pediatric Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) incorporating all the benefits of a traditional SPIO orthosis with a rigid posterior trunk support system.

1. SPIO® X provides abundant and consistent sensory stimulation via compression. SPIO orthoses provide two and a half times more compression than athletic compression wear. All SPIOs are made of high-quality, specially milled fabric that is lightweight, wick-able and breathable. The unique SPIO fabric maintains its compression, even after prolonged use, and features high-rebound properties and a strong neutral memory that assists the wearer in returning the body to mid-line.

2. SPIO® X features a posterior panel system. The unique X shape and construction of these mold-able and flexible Kydex panels provides greater stability than stays, while still allowing functional range of motion. Each SPIO X-Panel TLSO includes two panels of different dimensions and support, and a pair of rigid stays. The two panels offer different degrees of rigidity and trunk support, but both fit snuggly within a pocket on the posterior neoprene panel. Providers may use:

  • Both panels simultaneously to provide maximal support.
  • The larger X to provide significant support.
  • The smaller X to provide less support.
  • Stays, provided with the system, when minimal support is needed.
  • The neoprene back panel alone, to provide compression without mechanical support.


SPIO® X can be utilized for a broad spectrum of children with varying levels of hypotonia. As a child demonstrates improved trunk control, the TLSO can be transformed by removing the panels, replacing them with stays, or worn without and ridged components. It is a progressive TLSO system that can be modified to meet each child's needs, even as those needs change.


Please Note: SPIO® X is sold only as a back panel with the 2 panel supports.  If you do not already have a vest, you must purchase SPIO® TLSO vest for this system to work. If you have an existing vest, please refer to the right size needed.


Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-55-VXP41 SPIO X (back panel Only), V41 EA log in
RM-55-VXP44 SPIO X (back panel Only), V44 EA log in
RM-55-VXP47 SPIO X (back panel Only), V47 EA log in
RM-55-VXP51 SPIO X (back panel Only), V51 EA log in
RM-55-VXP54 SPIO X (back panel Only), V54 EA log in
RM-55-VXP57 SPIO X (back panel Only), V57 EA log in
RM-55-VXP60 SPIO X (back panel Only), V60 EA log in
RM-55-VXP64 SPIO X (back panel Only), V64 EA log in
RM-55-VXP67 SPIO X (back panel Only), V67 EA log in
RM-55-VXP70 SPIO X (back panel Only), V70 EA log in
RM-55-VXP73 SPIO X (back panel Only), V73 EA log in
RM-55-VXP77 SPIO X (back panel Only), V77 EA log in