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Ultrasound by Mettler Electronics

Ultrasound by Mettler Electronics

The 740 and 740X are both lightweight, portable, features large soft-touch controls and a large easy to read backlit display.

740 includes a 5 cm² dual frequency applicator and the  740X includes the same 5 cm² applicator as well as a 10 cm² / 1MHz applicator and a 1 cm² / 3.3 MHz applicator.

  • Continuous

  • Pulsed 10, 20 and 50% Duty cycle

  • Maximum Beam Uniformity Ratio 6:1

  • Optional rechargeable lithium ion battery pack for true portability

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
ME740 Mettler SonIcator 740 Ultrasound EA log in
ME740X Mettler Sonicator 740X with 3 applicators (1cm, 5 cm, 10cm) EA log in
ME7391 Cable for Mettler 740 soundhead EA log in
me7401 Sonicator ME740 Battery Pack EA log in