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Healing with Focus Shockwaves

DUOLITH SD1 T-TOP »ultra« Focused shock wave therapy (ESWT) is designed for non-invasive treatment of orthopaedic disorders such as tendinopathy and myofascial pain syndromes. Focus shockwave, generated electromagnetically, allows for a much smaller focal point versus traditional radial pressure waves, pinpointing specific areas of the body in need of treatment.

Focus shockwave can perform treatment while limiting the damage to the epidermis and underlying soft tissues. It is able to penetrate deep into tissue while maintaining its focal power at a controlled depths. The Duolith SD1 T-TOP is beneficial for sports injuries, urology and management against superficial pain relief. 

How the SD1 T-Top Works

A Focus shockwave is produced through discharging a high voltage capacitor located in the control unit into a cylindrically shaped coil system in the Sepia Handpiece, this is surrounded by a cylindrical metallic membrane. The transient magnetic field produced by the coil induces eddy currents in the metal membrane, causing it to repel from the coil, producing a pressure wave. The membrane is immersed in water and the pressure wave produced by the membrane propagates through the water to a concentric parabolic reflector, where it is reflected to a focal point outside of the handpiece in front of the reflector.

The Duolith SD1 T-Top allows for the location within the body to be adjusted by altering the energy output or via the focusing mechanism through the Sepia handpiece or through the functional tablet.

The SEPIA® handpiece makes treatments using focused shock waves simple and efficient. All essential controls have been integrated into the handpiece. The frequency and energy level are adjustable directly on the handpiece

The design of the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« with the SEPIA® handpiece is impressive with its high-quality workmanship and optimized ergonomics. The flexibility of the handpiece cable allows for treatments to be performed with limited fatigue  – an important criterion for busy clinics!

Typical Indications

The most important factor for patients suffering from pain is for the treatment to provide fast and effective results. The DUOLITH® SD1 T-TOP »ultra« offers the best solution for these high patient expectations and can deliver quantifiable results shortly after treatment! 

Depth of focal zone: 0 – 65 mm  Penetration depth: up to 125 mm

Other applications include : 

  • Delayed Bone Non-Union 
  • Bone Healing 
  • Wound Healing 
  • Urological Indications

Storz Medical Touch Screen Tablet

The optional 10″ touch screen connects to the shock wave device via a USB cable and extends it with valuable features: Besides the additional device control, it offers patient management as well as treatment parameters recommended by experienced users, which are supported with videos and images. These can be called up and applied. 

Using the integrated Visible Body® software, not only you can you get right to the muscular structures, but also deep into the macroscopic and microscopic levels of the human body. Detailed definitions and information on anatomies offer support for users. Rotating and moving 3D models allow muscle movements, pathologies and diseases to be visualized. This makes a new type of interaction between user and patient possible


  • 10″ touch screen (optional) 
  • Patient management with treatment history 
  • Video and image-based treatment parameters
  •  Visible Body® digital anatomy atlas: Macroscopic and microscopic 3D anatomy model

ONLINE Shockwave Training & Certification

Remington Medical has partnered with Uran Berisha, owner of Unpain clinic in Alberta, Canada and creator of the I Love Shockwave virtual training platform for medical shockwave practitioners. This extensive and in depth shockwave course will provide the tools and skills to become a shockwave therapy expert.

Whether you’re a new Shockwave healthcare practitioner or highly experienced, the Uran Berisha’s courses will help you advance your abilities that maximize treatment quality to support the outcomes expected from this non-invasive regenerative therapy.

We provide the option to package in the Focus OR Duo (Radial & Focus Combined) shockwave training package with the purchase of any SD1 Device!

By the end of the Focus shockwave program you’ll learn:

  • Bio-Physics of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy – What is ESWT, mechanism of working and tissues regenerative effects.
  • Contraindications – General and specific for each condition.
  • ESWT protocols, healing expectation and combination with other regenerative modalities.
  • How to specifically treat a tendon, muscle, bone or complex joint using only Shockwave Therapy.
  • How to treat the dysfunction (the cause) while stimulating tissue Regeneration
  • Have access to a database of 350 instructional video for musculoskeletal conditions, plus device maintenance and more.

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