Exxentric Hip Belt


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Exxentric Squat Hip Belt


The Exxentric Hip Belt was developed and tested specifically for the kBox, making it the ideal entry-level attachment for squat and lunge exercises on the kBox but it can also be incorporated when using the kPulley.

It offers a practical alternative to the more advanced Harness, loading only your lower back (see comparison). Moreover, the Hip Belt can still facilitate your resistance training even when you’re rehabbing from an injury to your hand, wrist or shoulder for example.

This accessory is great for lower body exercises, especially in groups due to its adjustable size. Its lightweight but strong design is perfect for flywheel training.


The Exxentric Hip Belt comes in two sizes, catering to users ranging from XXS to XXL. The standard size has an inner circumference range from 82 to 130 cm and weighs just 280 g, whereas the small size has an inner circumference range from 60 to 110 cm and weighs 210 g.

Due to recent rebranding efforts this accessory may still feature the previous Exxentric logotype. Nevertheless this won’t affect the functionality of the accessory in any way.