Fabrifoam® Ultra Carpalgard


Options Quantity
Ultracarpal Medium/Large Right
Ultracarpal Small Right
Ultracarpal Medium/Large Left
Ultracarpal Small Left

Advanced version of the CarpalGard with added benefits to support the CMC joint. This 2-part device allows for custom individual fit to maximize thumb and wrist support and positioning. Offers semi-rigid support and comfort while allowing for adjustable compression. Thin, slip-resistant device is easily applied, breathable, durable and washable. Helps protect against strain/injury during activities. Wear at night to maintain a neutral wrist position and to help prevent irritation to the median nerve. Created with Enthera to provide enhanced support with excellent energy and recovery. Recommended for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist pain, wrist strain, arthritis, tendonitis, DeQuervain’s, Gamekeeper’s Thumb. Beige. Neoprene free, adhesive free and latex free.