Fabrifoam® PSC ( Pronation Spring Control )


Looking for extra or replacement velcro tabs for the PSC. You can find them HERE

Product Details

The PSC has the holding power of a tape wrap, the alignment benefit of an orthotic and the lifting function of an arch support. athletic trainers, physical therapists, podiatrists and other medical professionals can successfully dispense or prescribe the PSC versus other prescribed, more cumbersome, more expensive, supports, or braces.

Other supports and braces do not resist pronation during propulsion. Named for the Spring Action in. effect of resupination with a unique support and controlled biomechanical design, the PSC has proven to be extremely effective in treating many foot and ankle conditions. Support from this unique device remains constant, wether the foot is stable, or in active motion.

The PSC is washable (rinsing is recommended after each use) and is designed for repeated use. The PSC is recommended in the prevention and treatment of chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome and shin splints.

  • A unique foot/ankle positioning strap
  • The PSC helps to align the foot/ankle in a neutral position and assist in the treatment and prevention of related injuries.
  • A great concept for treating planter fasciitis, chronic heel pain, excessive pronation, heel spur syndrome, and shin splints.
  • Reusable wrap made of ProWrap helps relieve foot pain without the use of adhesives.
  • Reduces the force of heel strike and biomechanically moves the foot into a more normal position.

You can purchase extra velcro tabs for the PSC HERE (FF1400)


X-Small: Women’s shoe size 4 1/2 – 6
Small: Women’s shoe size 6 1/2 – 8; Men’s shoe size 5 1/2 – 7
Medium: Women’s shoe size 8 1/2 – 10; Men’s shoe size 7 1/2 – 9 1/2
Large: Women’s shoe size 11 – 13; Men’s shoe size 10 – 12
X-Large: Men’s shoe size 12 1/2 – 16

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