Reusable Face Shields – 2 pack



Sold as 2 Face Shields per pack 

Not your cheap Face Shield which uses elastic to secure.   This features a  wide strapping system with plastic velcro for easy cleaning and secures the shield firmly and comfortably on your head.


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Face Shield Made In Canada - Contains 2 Face Shields
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Face Shield is made in Canada.  Used in Clinics or industry to protect workers as it provides full coverage of the face.

The 490 face shield provides a comfortable fit using a easy to clean strap with velcro to secure the shield firmly around the head versus the cheaper elastic brands that cause discomfort and need constant adjustment.

Polycarbonate Shield with Foam Headband

Shield Thickness 0.3 mm

Dimensions: 35.5 cm w x 24 cm H x 3 cm D

2 per pack or buy 10 pack bulk