FAZER 1-4 by ARTZT Myofascial Tools

Item #:RM-35-176011

Item #: RM-35-176011


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The ARTZT vitality FAZER package consists of four therapeutic treatment instruments made in Switzerland from high-quality stainless steel corrosion-resistant and fulfilling the highest requirements. The materials employed are also used for surgical instruments.

Every instrument has been designed and forged for specialised treatment techniques or body regions..The fascia’s the lost child. Until recently, the muscular connective tissue (fascia) led a shadowy existence in musculoskeletal research and was mainly regarded as a packaging organ for the actual in. structures such as muscles, bones, intervertebral disks etc. But the most recent research has proven that the connective tissue has many functions:

  • Independent organ which supports and shapes the body
  • Contains many nerve endings, pain and motion sensors
  • Central organ of bodily perception (influence on immune system and psyche)
  • Independent contraction
  • Power transmission from muscle to muscle
  • Muscle coordination and smooth functioning
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