Flotation Elbow Pad


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Flotation™ Elbow And Heel Pads, Regular
Flotation™ Elbow And Heel Pads, Large

Visco-elastic foam distributes pressure evenly.

  • Flotation Elbow and Heel Pads protect the elbow and heel.
  • Elastic foam cushion with a knitted cotton sleeve.
  • Snug-fitting sleeve reduces migration of the pad on the arm and heel.
  • Self-contouring cushion comfortably adjusts to any shape.
  • Pad measures 8″ x 5½” x ½” (20 x 14 x 1.3cm) and sleeve measures 13″ (33cm).
  • Available in two sizes, Regular and Large.
  • Sold in pairs.

To size, measure circumference at elbow and heel.