Chattanooga Galaxy 3-Section Treatment Table

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Product Details

The Galaxy 3-Section High/Low table features the Hallotronic® System with electric high/low height adjustment from 52 to 102 cm with capacity up to 200 kg/440 lb. Designed with an easy access foot switch, accessible from any position around the table 360°, allowing for simple height adjustment on the fly. Two-layer padding with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratchproof upholstery in three colours.

  • Adjustable head section from +40 to -70 with gas spring
  • Face hole on head section with removable face hole cover
  • Includes 4 multi-directional casters, retractable by a single lever
  • Easy access foot switch, accessible from any position around the table 360°
  • Powder coated, stable scissor steel frame
  • 2 side brackets for fixation of stabilization belts and elastic bands
  • Traction support sleeves
  • Personal Authorization System with 2 safety magnetic keys
  • Non-slip rubber feet with 1 cm height adjustment allowing levelling of the table
  • Available in Navy Blue, Graphite Grey and Black
Standard Accessories
Technical Specs
  • Width: 26”
  • Head: 18.5”
  • Mid: 21.5”
  • Foot: 40.5”
  • Height adjustment: 20.5 – 40″
  • Capacity: 440 lb



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