Gymstick Original 2.0


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Gymstick Original 2.0

Gymstick Original 2.0 is a functional resistance training tool that does more than replicating free weight exercises it provides resistance in virtually any direction and in any position. Each exercise will improve your core strength, balance, posture, coordination, muscle strength and endurance. It is a complete body workout. Gymstick Original is available in five different resistance levels ranging from 1-30 kg / 2-66 lbs. Ideal from juniors to seniors from rehabilitation patients to world class athletes from beginners to professionals. Two-piece fiberglass stick with easy quick lock-mechanism, assembled length 130cm / disassembled length 75cm.


Light(Green): Resistance 1-10kg
Medium(Blue): Resistance 1-15kg
Strong(Black): Resistance 1-20kg
Extra strong(Silver): Resistance 1-25kg
Super strong(Gold): Resistance 1-30kg

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