Handy Gym™ GO


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Handy Gym Go


The Handy Gym GO pack contains the essentials for you to start working with this new inertial technology. Light discs, door stopper to train at home, and loop strap to hook it up in many outdoor places. Compact design and easy to carry on, you will always have a powerful tool at your hand wherever you go.

Handy Gym is a portable flywheel pulley to perform efficient muscle work no matter where you are. Light, powerful, and versatile. Perfect for your first steps in eccentric training. Save time, lighten your luggage and reinvent the way you train.

*The original does not include the Bluetooth ENCODER*

Learn all about the Handy Gym Here !


Included with Handy Gym™ GO:

  • Machine base WITHOUT CONNECTION + Handgrip.
  • Yellow discs.
  • Door stopper.
  • Loop strap.
  • Multipurpose handle.
  • Sack.