Handy Gym™ Plus


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Handy Gym™ Plus

Handy Gym™ Plus

Get incredible results with Handy Gym™ the most portable and powerful inertial training device!

What comes with your Handy Gym Dynamic™ 

The Handy Gym Plus includes 12 pieces + the encoder. The Plus series is a perfect work out tool for travel, at the office, outdoor, or in any place imaginable. This is possible through the accessories coupled with the device – You will have the most versatile & portable eccentric device at the tip of your fingers !


1. Handy Gym™ Base with D-Grip Handle + Rope Adjuster + Encoder

The base device with Encoder. Needs accessories to use.


2. A Pair of Blue discs

Medium resistance discs (6 Oz. each). Up to 75lbs/32.5kg of power. For average muscle groups.


3. Wall Mounting Plate

Allows Handy Gym™ to attach to a hard surface. Easy to fix, the solution for your everyday home training.


4. Multipurpose Handle

A rigid rubberized handle for hand or foot. A must to use with the machine.


5. Door Anchor

Allows Handy Gym™ to attach above a door. For training at home, an easy and smart solution to train indoor.


6. Ankle strap

Built for leg training.


7. Loop strap

Allows Handy Gym™ to attach to a column, tree, stairs, etc. A very versatile anchoring solution, great when training outdoor


8. Small Bag

For keeping Handy Gym™ and some accessories.

The Encoder App

The Handy Gym Plus has access to the mobile app which will allow you to track your training and progress by adding the encoder to your Handy Gym™. Thanks to its connectivity to our App, you will easily see the ongoing outcome of your training and your final scores in terms of Kcal burnt, reps, total weight lifted, etc.

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