Lojer Vertical Pulley

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The Lojer Vertical Pulley can be used for exercised in which the motion goes from up to down, as well as down to up. Exercises in physiotherapy and motion therapy can be aimed at the large muscle groups. The Vertical Pull also offers excellent options for lighter exercises, which are important in the early stages of beginning physiotherapy or other training. A wide range of accessories adds to and diversifies the possibilities offered by the Vertical Pull.

• CE marked medical equipment
• Sturdy construction
• Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety
• The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5 cm increments
• Quiet, smooth resistance across the whole range of movement
• Six fixing points for fixing against a wall
• Pulley height adjustable according to the height of the room, between 228 cm and 198 cm.

Come with the following accessories:
• I Handle for Vertical Pull (standard for Vertical Pull) (VD6800)
• J Triceps Handle (13107)
• K Rowing Handle (402024)
• L Foot Support for Vertical Pull (13120)
• M Negative Weight Bar, Curved, hinged for easy use (SE16131)


  • Overall height 228..298 cm
  • Width 51 cm
  • Depth 77 cm
  • Total weight 139 kg (with 50 kg weight stack)
  • 169 kg (with 80 kg weight stack)
  • 189 kg (with 100 kg weight stack)
  • CE-marked Yes
  • Warranty 2 / 10 years
  • Country of Manufacture Finland