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Manorapid is a highly effective poly alcohol formula that when rubbed on your hands for 20-30 seconds kills bacteria and fungi with a log reduction rate of 5.33. That is a lot of germs! 99.999.33% is not your average sanitizer. Manorapid is a really special antiseptic! Manorapid has a special lanolin-derivative emollient that ensures your skins stays soft and smooth after each application even under the harshest winter conditions found in Canada.
Manorapid is a proven formula used in scores of countries and for over 40 years has helped prevent infections in hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Manorapid is a liquid antiseptic that out performs other gels and foam products on the North American market.
  • Click here and use NPN:02199319 to see Manorapid on the Hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers (COVID-19): List of hand sanitizers authorized by Health Canada.
  • It is with legal obligations that we cannot accept returns on this product by any means.
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