Mepitel® One Wound Contact Layer Dressing (BX/10)


Product Details
  • The open perforated structure allows exudates to pass vertically into a secondary absorbent dressing and enables easy delivery of topical treatments.
  • Polyurethane net: Highly transparent, thin and conformable for optimal patient comfort and secure adhesion.
  • Safetac® layer: Reduces pain and trauma before, at and after dressing change, seals around the wound margins to reduce risk of maceration, adheres gently to dry intact skin but not to the moist wound bed.
  • It promotes cost-effective and undisturbed wound healing.
  • Smooth, non-adherent outer surface for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Indication: Skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical incisions, partial thickness burns, traumatic wounds, blistering, lacerations, radiation skin reactions and leg and foot ulcers.
  • Sterile.
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