Myofascial Syndroms & Triggerpoints


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Myofascial Syndroms & Triggerpoints - Gleitz

The series shock wave therapy in practice is continued by the present volume on the application of shock waves to the muscle, which represents a new form of therapy. This reference book provides orthopedists, sports physicians and muscle therapists with a practical guide to treating trigger points and myofascial syndromes with the extracorporeal shockwave.

The book first describes the physical basics of shockwaves and also describes pathophysiology and causes of muscle pain, before providing comprehensive and hands-on information on the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of using radial and focused shockwaves on the muscle.

Author Dr. Markus Gleitz, a specialist in orthopedics, is a specialist in the field of shockwave therapy due to his many years of practical experience with various shockwave systems. The book contains treatment recommendations for commonly affected muscles, user photos, and a variety of practice examples.