Oleeva® Clear | Scar Management


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Oleeva® Clear can reduce existing scars and can aid in the prevention of new scars from traumatic or surgical injuries.

  • Thin, soft and flexible—they’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing the latest technology for scar management.
  • Oleeva® Clear offers transparency and remarkable stretch and conforming characteristics.
  • Oleeva® Clear is self-adhesive for maximum convenience and versatility.
  • Oleeva® Clear is virtually invisible! It’s perfect for face and hands—you can even apply make-up over it to camouflage scars.
  • Oleeva® Clear: A unique combination of breathability, flexibility, washability and adhesiveness.
  • Note: Oleeva® Clear is not recommended to be worn underneath clothing as the clothing can catch on the edges and pull it off. We recommend using Oleeva® Fabric instead.
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