Omniband Therapeutic Exercise Band


Options Quantity
Omni Band 6Yrd Plum 5.5Mx10Cm
Omni Band 6Yrd Plum 5.5Mx10Cm
Omni Band 6Yrd Lavender
Omni Band 6Yrd Sage Green
Omni Band 25Yrd Plum, 23Mx10Cm
Omni Band 25Yd, Periwinkle Blue

Omni Band 25Yd, Sage Green
Omni Band 25Yrd Lavender
Omni Band 6Yrd Pearl 5.5Mx10Cm
Omni Band 6Yrd Peach 5.5Mx10Cm

OMNIBAND® THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE BANDS For Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE)


Designed for professional therapy settings, ACP’s Omniband® Progressive Resistance Exercise Bands are the most advanced therapeutic band system available. Made with a proprietary elastomeric compound, they are 100% latex- free while retaining the desirable stretch properties of latex preferred by most therapists. The specially formulated co- polymer material used to make Omniband® therapeutic bands has been engineered to deliver dynamic performance characteristics that can not be achieved with natural rubber (latex) and other compounds. These clinical advantages include superior consistency of tension and evenly spaced resistance levels between each band level for more clinically sound Progressive Resistance Exercise. Odor and powder free, Omniband® therapeutic bands are preferred by many patients and therapists over traditional latex or non-latex bands.

  • Available in 6 resistance levels featuring vibrant, pearlescent colors
  • Developed for all Progressive Resistance Exercise applications including those for aging adults
  • Precision engineered for consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels
  • Latex-free product with latex-like stretch qualities
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic compound for irritation- free use
  • Powder-free material is cleaner and safer to use
  • Odor-free compound is more widely accepted by patients and therapists
  • Non-slip surface provides better grip for geriatric rehabilitation applications
  • Superior “linear stretch” properties help eliminate “snap back” associated with latex bands
  • Specially formulated compound floats and is resistant to swimming pool chemicals for Aquatic Therapy use
  • Resistant to UV, sunlight and most infection control products for greater durability and longevity over latex bands
  • Innovative “Easy-Flow” Dispenser System
  • Better cost-efficiency– no premium for non-latex material