ONDAMED; Focused Tissue Stimulation And Biofeedback
A Breakthrough Technology for you and your patients

After more than 20 years of research and clinical use in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, these advanced Class II-a medical technologies are approved in many countries for use by medical healthcare professionals as: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapeutic Medical Devices for Tissue Stimulation with Intended Use for Pain Relief, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Wound Healing.

The brilliance lays in the personalization of treatment unique to each living being with the help of a Biofeedback method.

The practitioner stimulates the patient’s body with a hand-held applicator moving it along the patient’s body while waiting for a Biofeedback response from the patient. This response helps identify stressed physiological areas that help the patient’s attentiveness to her/his body to potential weaknesses; such weaknesses may include areas of inflammation, infection, scars or cellular memory of unresolved shock and trauma. These areas often prove to be related to patients’ symptoms.

Besides the scientifically-proven therapeutic benefits of non-invasive Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, when combined with Biofeedback it may enhance a practitioner’s diagnostic perspective of her/his patient of unresolved pain, slow to non-healing soft tissue injuries, or wounds.


In summary:

  • Used for both acute and chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, and wound healing
  • Patients feel the effects almost immediately by feeling less stress and improved mood
  • All ages, from infants to adults, can be stimulated with ONDAMED
  • Almost anyone with any type of condition, mild or severe, can benefit from ONDAMED as an adjunct to standard care of treatment
  • Delivers very specific frequencies to the patient based on biofeedback from the patient’s pulse
  • ONDAMED has 20+ years of research behind it in Germany




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