Prismᵀᴹ Thermoplastic


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Prism™ Thermoplastic 1/12″ (2.0mm), Micro Perforated 13%, 18″ X 24″


Make bright, colorful splints that provide comfortable support.

Resistance to Stretch

  • Moderate resistance to stretch for easy circumferential splinting. Gently pull and wrap the material around the affected part.


  • Moderate drape for excellent fit and conformability.


  • 100% memory for easy remolding.


  • Minimum rigidity. Splints flex slightly with pressure for more comfortable wear.
  • Circumferential splints will increase rigidity.
  • Splints made from 1/12″ perforated Prism™ form strong but flexible splints for a variety of lightweight applications.


  • The unique Environmentally Friendly (EF) coating gives a tacky feel that helps hold the material in place, without the material pulling or falling away.
  • A wet bond will hold firmly but can be pulled apart once cooled.
  • Dry heating two surfaces will form a strong bond.
  • For a permanent bond, apply dry heat, then press together firmly. Solvent not required.

Surface Finish

  • Resists fingerprints, even with aggressive handling.
  • Color retains its vibrancy and shine.


  • 1/12″ Prism™ is ideal when a lighter weight, less rigid material is desired. Use for pediatric, finger, thumb and circumferential splints.
  • Prism™ turns translucent when ready to apply.
  • Leaves sealed, smooth edges when cut warm.

Working Time (1/8″)

  • Prism™ has a long working time becoming firm in approximately six minutes at 160°F (71°C).

Latex Free

Free of BPA chemicals


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